Dynaforce 77- 1 Gallon

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• Heavy duty carpet cleaning detergent

• For truck mounts and portable extraction machines

• Most effective steam cleaning detergent

• For any type of steam machine


Liquid Formula 77 with Biosolv®The leading heavy-duty carpet cleaning detergent for truck mounts or portable extraction machines.Best for carpets! Best for machines!

Liquid Formula 77 is considered the finest, most effective steam cleaning detergent available for any type of steam machine. In addition, it offers the greatest protection for your machinery.

Saves time and money — In addition to providing fast, efficient cleaning, Liquid Formula 77 saves time by mixing instantly in hot or cold water — anywhere! Liquid Formula 77 saves money by eliminating spills associated with powder mixing.

Won’t clog machines — Liquid Formula 77 with Biosolv® stays in solution at any temperature—no undissolved powder granules to cling to the sides of hoses and tanks or clog nozzles.

Contains Biosolv® for extra power — Biosolv® is a Chemspec exclusive. It boosts normal detergent cleaning power. Its synergistic action increases your cleaning efficiency, making Liquid Formula 77 clean faster, better, and easier than other products not formulated with this unique ingredient.

Economical to use — For truck-mount, concentrated stock solution: mix 32 ozs. of Liquid Formula 77 with 5 gallons of water or as specified by the truck-mount manufacturer.

For a ready-to-use, portable extraction solution: mix 2 ozs. of product with 5 gallons of water.Contains anti-foaming agents — We have developed unique anti-foaming agents which effectively help prevent the build-up of foam in the wand, wand head, hose, and recovery tank. For any residual foam in the carpet from previous cleanings, we recommend our Crystal Defoamer.


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