NCL Spit Shine Spray Buff #0575-29

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NCL Spit Shine Spray Buff #0575-29

A unique burnishing solution designed to clean, repair, protect and enhance floor finish gloss. This blend of penetrants, moisturizers, polishing agents and polymers provides maximum flexibility to floor finishes. Can be applied to floor coating through the use of an auto scrubber or by simply mopping onto the floor. Will produce exceptional results on any type of floor finish.

Authorized UL Product


    • Enhances deep wet look gloss of finish / Maximum user appeal
    • Cleans and polishes in one step / Saves labor costs
    • Adds protection to wear layer of finish / Increases scuff and scratch resistance
    • “Hardens” finish film / Enhanced wearability of floor finish
    • Multipurpose formulation / Reduces inventory

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